Tea tree oil for acne management, dandruff, nail infection and skin care

Tea tree oil for acne management, dandruff, nail infection and skin care

Tea tree oil has many properties, but I want to talk about the properties of this oil for acne and dandruff and nail fungus and its benefits for skin care.

Did you know that 3% tea tree gel gel for facial skin care can reduce the number of pimples by three times?

Tea tree oil or tea tree gel is usually good for cystic acne, or for those with hormonal problems.

Only for those with oily or overactive skin.
★ If you have sensitive, delicate, dry skin, skip it.

Tea tree oil is a cleanser or toner that is suitable for the control of acne and excessively oily skin.

One of the important properties of this plant is its antimicrobial activity.

Because the plant has irritating and irritating properties on the skin.

They are used to treat wounds, acne and burns.

Treatment of nail fungal infection

Did you know that this oil is also good for nail fungal infection?

Just a few drops of tea tree oil alone or blend it in with coconut oil. Then apply it to the infectious parts of the nail.

But remember to wash your hands with soap after this.
Of course this infection is not dangerous, but it makes the nail very ugly.
Otherwise the fungus may spread to other parts of the body.
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★ Summary tea tree oil can be effective in treating nail fungal infection. The effect of this oil is as much as the chemical antifungal drugs.

Treatment for dandruff

This oil can also reduce dandruff.

You can add a few drops of oil to a little shampoo to reduce dandruff. Then wash your hair with it.

I find tea tree oil a good alternative to bacterial acne management

As someone who is prone to dandruff and itchy scalp.

Clearly, tea tree oil is not the only thing I use to address these concerns.

But this has been a central principle in my approach to managing them.

★ The important thing to know is:

Any oil that has therapeutic uses can be irritating and cause allergic reactions.
So if you, like me, have sensitive skin and skin care, it’s important to test a small part of your body before using it for the first time.